Jumat, 29 Sepember 2023 | 06:17 WIB

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  • Minggu, 9 Juli 2023 | 11:53 WIB
  • by Fenny Damayanti, S.Sos., M.M

6 months have passed in 2023. There are times when we missed the past so badly and it is giving us a hard time moving on in the present. We must evaluate what good things we have done and accomplished so far and also try to achieve our targets and dreams that we have set up for this year. The question is will we be able to pursue our targets and dreams? In order to achieve it, we must encounter challenges and those can stop us in achieving our targets and dreams.
But remember if you walk on, you will pass those challenges anyway. We have to walk slowly to rearrange your pace, run if we have to in order to fasten our movement or even stop to recharge your energy,

No problem….. life is a journey, enjoy the process and you will be there somehow. Just keep in mind those challenges that we really look into how we can start making small changes in our lives currently to help us start building the best version of ourselves! There will always be a reason for everyone to keep going in order to achieve the targets and dreams.

Everything has changed but still we never lose our hope, good things will come soon, just believe…..

Keep up your spirit and keep on praying.

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